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Help Pay Down Your Student Loans with Upromise

Use your cash rewards for your education expenses


You already know Upromise helps you save for college, but did you know it can also help you pay? Whether you’re going to college now or have already graduated, we can help you pay down your student loans by earning cash rewards through everyday purchases.

Upromise Can Help Pay Down Student Loans

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    Start earning cash back from shopping online, booking travel, and dining out at Upromise Restaurants.
  2. Link Your Student Loans
    Special Member Benefit: Upromise Loan Link®
    Put your earnings to work with Upromise Loan Link, a special benefit for Upromise members. Link your eligible loan with your Upromise account and your cash back earnings can be automatically transferred to help pay down your loan.1

Help Pay for College with a Sallie Mae Student Loan

A big part of planning for college is figuring out how to pay for college. Sallie Mae has two student loan products to help meet your family’s needs.

While the loans have different features and available interest rates, both loans offer:

  • Choice of repayment options
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No origination fee, no prepayment penalty

If you want to support your student by sharing the responsibility of paying for their education, you can cosign a Smart Option Student Loan.

If you want to take responsibility for financing your child’s education, you can take out a parent loan in your name and relieve them of the financial responsibility. Any creditworthy individual can take out a Sallie Mae Parent Loan, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, spouses, and guardians.


Members’ Voices

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Tips for Repaying Student Loans
Lauren shares simple tips for repaying your student loans sooner.



Start Earning Cash Back to Help with Your Loans.

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I didn't want money to be a barrier to my future, so I decided to take out loans. It was a very reasonable repayment schedule, and I was very happy that I did it.

- Lauren, Upromise member

This information is for borrowers and borrowers with students attending degree-granting institutions only. The student is not eligible to be a borrower or cosigner on the Parent loan. Applications are subject to a requested minimum loan amount of $1,000. Current credit and other eligibility criteria apply.

1 Only the borrower can link Upromise and loan accounts. Not all loans may be eligible for linking. Please visit Upromise.com/loanlink for details. Upromise account balances of $10 or more will be automatically transferred on a monthly basis to the linked loan account. For multiple linked loans, Upromise earnings will be allocated at the sole discretion of Upromise and Sallie Mae. Access to Upromise is not limited to Sallie Mae and Navient loan customers.

Smart Option Student Loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank or a lender partner. Sallie Mae Parent Loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank.